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Robot CW

The robot

The radioclub has a CW robot since 1998 for bilateral telegraphic links on the 10m radio band. Frequency is 28,110kHz in JN18bw.

Call sign F5KCK
Frequency (TX & RX) 28,110 kHz
CQ every 5min
Locator JN18bw
Antenna 5/8
Power 10W
Activation K (.)
Availability 24/7

QSO logs are available here:


Diagram of the robot

What is a CW robot?

The robot is made from a vertical antenna, a transceiver on fixed frequency, linked to a computer running a program. This program decodes morse coming from the receiver into strings (and the other way around). The decoded strings are compared to the ones stored in a database in order to generate the right answer according to what was received, and to transmit it into morse.

The robot imitates a real telegraphic operator by trying to sound like one and adapt in several situations. It has to: