HAM Radio Club F5KCK
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UHF <-> SHF Transponder F5ZSL

Google Map of 48.940500, 2.121333

Callsign F5ZSL
Input (your TX) 431.225MHz or 1299.500MHz
Output (your RX) 1299.500MHz or 431.225MHz
Transceiver UHF FT 730 R 30W
UHF Antenna Collinear Comet 144/432MHz 9db
Transceiver SHF TM 531 E 10W
SHF Antenna Collinear Diamond : 1,200MHz 13db
Channel 1RTC
Modes Wide FM
Activation Carrier from your transceiver
Site 48°56.43 N 2°07.28 E
Locator JN 18 BW 45 NR
Altitude 104 m
City Le Mesnil-le-Roi
County Yvelines (78)
Available 24hrs/7d


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Vue d'ensemble à l'avant
Overview (missing 2 transceivers)
Commuting board
Transponder in test
Frequency measuring
On site installation
SHF coverage
UHF coverage
Raymond F6JIG on top
Water tower
Raymond F6JIG climbing
Francis F1RRJ passing the antennas to Raymond
Raymond F6JIG installing the arm


As you may know, keeping and maintaining a perfectly working transponder 24 hours a day demands a considerable invesissment, because of surveillance, technical maintenance or even electricity cost.

As many Ham radio clubs, the radio club from Sartrouville suffers of the lack of new members and needs your help to keep working.

If you think that this transponder is useful for you and want to get involved with its maintenance, we offer you the possibility to make us a donation to help maintaining the relay.

You can send us checks labelled to F5KCK at the following postal address: Radio Club de Sartrouville 78 Quai de Seine 78500 Sartrouville France.

Or you can directly meet us every friday evenings at 9:30pm at the same address.

Or even through internet using the link below:

Thanks to F5DTB for their hardware donation for the transponder.

Transponder changelog