HAM Radio Club F5KCK
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Welcome on the website of the

HAM Radio Club F5KCK of Sartrouville

Maison des associations

Maison des associations, 78 Quai de Seine, Sartrouville 78500

Google Map of Mairie - maison des associations, Sartrouville

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Locator : JN 18 BW 97

Every friday evening at 21h30

Saturday afternoons on appointment

Club activities

VHF relay F5ZEQ 145.150MHz - 145.750MHz - 3Watts - North-West of Yvelines - JN18BW - 24/7
CW Robot
Robot for telegraphic radio link, from the HAM Radio club in Sartrouville in JN18bw / 28,110kHz
D-STAR Relay F5ZSN 439.650 MHz - 430.250 MHz - North-West of Yvelines - JN18BW - 24/7
F5ZSL Transponder
F5ZSL Transponder 431.225 MHz - 1,299.500 MHz - 30 W / 10 W - North-West of Yvelines - JN18BW - 24/7
1090MHz Project
1090MHz project: determine aircraft position using ADS-B beacons